Hi Men,

I’m sending this email to alert you to the fact that Rocky Fleming is having some major surgery today and I know he would appreciate your prayers. He is having his hip replaced and the rod in his left femur repaired or replaced. Hopefully this will lengthen Rock’s leg and allow him to walk normally, which hasn’t been the case for 14 years. This is his 14th surgery on the leg. Pray that all will go smoothly, that the surgeon will be on the top of his game, as well as the anesthesiologist and all attending. Pray that his post op and recovery will be blessed by the Lord, that his pain will be minimized, and that he would have a successful result , and that this would be the last surgery he will have to endure. Also pray for his wife Sallie as she cares for and nurses Rocky back to health.

Thanks guys. I know Rocky will appreciate your prayers.

Now, to Him who does exceeding abundantly above all we ask….


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