Watch With Me Blog

by Rocky Fleming




In 2008 I was asked to write a weekly devotional to stay in touch with the guys who were becoming part of Influencers.  It allowed me to download many things that I was being taught by God regarding discipleship.  I agreed to do so and entitled it, “Watch With ME.”  We reached a lot of people with those messages, so I intend to return to this emphasis using a blog to communicate relevant issues affecting men, families, the Church, and the world.


I originally took the title from the passage in the Gospels where Jesus asked His disciples to watch with Him, while He was moving toward the cross and all that this would require of Him, and them.  I feel that this request by Him is still relevant for Jesus’ disciples today, and maybe even more so because of the serious challenges we are, and will be facing.


Why a blog rather than using the devotional format of the past for communicating this information?  Good question, so I’ll answer it.  Starting from 2008 to present I have written over five hundred devotionals.  They were lengthy, for I felt there needed to be meat, and not a quick glance at a thought just to check it off.  But this format excluded a lot of busy people who needed to be reached as well.  Since beginning those devotionals, social media and its use has become a great opportunity to reach the busy people I didn’t reach with lengthy devotionals.  Therefore, I feel that I now need to go where the need is, and get there as effectively as possible by using a blog.  Concerning the devotionals, I’ve been asked to bind all those past devotionals in a book that can allow a reader to take a deeper dive, which we will likely do sometime in the future.  But for now, I will transition to the use of a blog.


The next question deals with content.  If you are afraid that I will water down the needed truths that must be conveyed by using a blog, fear no more.  Actually I hope to make more relevant what we are seeing in today’s world by looking through a Biblical worldview, and do so as a quick, fluid response to the changes we see.  I believe the guidance we will find in scripture, and with my intentional mission to point the reader back to proximity with Jesus, will help them find a timely resource for reacting to those changes that the Body of Christ will have to deal with.


I ask you to pray for my mission with the use of this blog, and the messages that our King will provide to new readers.  I ask you to help us gather a greater readership so that we can reach more people with God’s truths.  I am only a messenger and I can do no more than repeat what God tells me and trust it will reach those people in need.  Therefore, let us join with our King to nurture and protect His family with the use of this blog.  More about this later.