Please don’t think me weird for I want to share with you how, what, and why I write the things I do. I think it is important that I share this, for I see that what I write is completely dependent on what the Holy Spirit is saying to me personally, more than what I say to you. However, the Lord has also made clear to me that what He is flowing to me will back up and become stagnant in me if I do not allow it to pass through me to you. Why I write might be a little self-serving, for I want to be replenished with fresh “Living Water” by being a conduit to those who would want to read these blogs, and devotionals that I’ve written.


I have discovered that the Lord is giving me a clear message that He wants me to pass along to Christians is America, and especially men. The message is about coming close to Him in the abiding relationship that you hear from me all the time. It is there that we find what we are deep down longing for. But lately His message also includes His desire that the Church in America become the leaders in peacemaking and reconciliation that this country needs. I have felt strongly that this reconciliation must begin in the family of God with each other… church to church, denomination to denomination, and especially between races and ethnic cultures in the Christian family. We must begin to see ourselves as family members of the “Royal Priesthood,” as described in 1 Peter 2:9. We owe it to Jesus to love each other like this because He loves us all equally. I owe it to Him. You owe it to Him. We owe it to Him.  If we really love Him and we understand His love for us, then we must begin to act on it now with conveying His love, and being peacemakers.


I received a continuation of the message about being peacemakers this morning. The word that came to me was “Compassion.” What does compassion mean? The word is defined:


“sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.”

Synonyms for compassion are: pity – sympathy – empathy – care – concern – sensitivity – love, to name a few.


The synonym love stands out to me most because we are back to our responsibility of loving because we are loved. The reason we worship the Lord is because we love Him. We love Him because He loved us first. He was the initiator of love to us. Never forget this, for there is an important connection to it. Similar is how our proactive, initiating love to others will beget love in return and their love to others. This kind of love is a virus of sorts that can infect a lot of people who in turn infect a lot of people. Can you see how this might be what Jesus is asking His family to do, especially in a time that animosity and anger and violence is growing daily? If the Church in this country would begin to love each other, and then love the lost people like this, I can only imagine the work the Holy Spirit could do with this. Check that: I don’t think any of us could imagine it. But it is possible to join a major work of His, if we as God’s family would embrace our sacred responsibility to begin the process and infect someone else with Christ’s love through us.


Back to the word compassion: Why did the Lord speak to me the word compassion? I believe it is because compassion is near and dear to His heart. The word is mentioned many times in the Bible. There are several verses in particular that Jesus showed His compassion, and felt compassion. One of my favorite verses follows:


Seeing the people, He felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and dispirited like sheep without a shepherd. (Matthew 9:36 ESV)


I believe Jesus is looking at His Church with compassion. Many in our family feel lonely and disenfranchised and misunderstood as mentioned in the passage. He knows this, and He wants His family to be His voice of compassion to these people in His family. I believe Jesus is looking at those of us who have been given much but have no compassion for those in need and says to us, “have compassion on them.” Family helps family in times of need. I believe He wants us to reach out to each other and be this kind of help with showing our compassion to one another. I believe Jesus is looking at His family and seeing racial tensions, political tensions, and cultural tensions for we fail to be compassionate to each other. We make no effort with understanding one another. We have these walls between each other because of our differences, and as a result we are quenching His Spirit from doing mighty works through our life and family.  God loves our differences.  He made us all unique and as a result we all are different from each other in some way. Can we not love the differences in each other, as God does?  We must begin to do so, if we love Jesus.


What would it look like if the Holy Spirit was not quenched, and He was unleashed to work in the Church in America like He is capable? I believe we would see a mighty work that would spread His love all over this country. I believe we would see massive reconciliations. From this I believe a new awakening would occur. I believe revival would break out across the land. I believe this new awakening would spread beyond this country’s borders, and His name would be made famous throughout the world. Yes, I believe this could happen if Christians in this country would represent Christ to their world like He has represented Himself to us. I believe He has told me that all this could happen if we, His family in this country, would come close to Him, and with compassion and love, help others see His love for them through our love for Him and them.


Well that’s His message to me that I’m hearing. Now I’m hoping there are others who are hearing the same message and will respond to what He is telling us. This awakening must start somewhere. Can we get it going by letting it begin in us?