Today almost three hundred men will gather at Shepherd of the Ozarks retreat center in Harriet Arkansas. We will be here until Sunday celebrating Jesus Christ, with a mutual pursuit of close proximity with Him. This represents the fourth National Summit that we’ve had, but the first at this center. The previous location was a spectacular gathering place, but we were limited to one hundred and twenty leaders that came from different locations in the country and internationally. We still have men coming from all over the states, but we are now able to invite additional. I ask you to pray for us as we gather, for it is a time and place like this that lives are positively changed and redirected to bless the people in their world.


It has become apparent with our gatherings such as this, and the thousands of men and women we have talked to or read their words written to us, our lives are being drastically touched. Not only touched, we are being set ablaze with realizing Christ’s love for us, and this inspires our love back to Him. This makes us want to know Him better, to sense His heart for the world, and this also makes us want to help the people in our life find Him like we’ve found Him. This has created an organic growth that is inspired simply by us being in close proximity with Him. We have seen and experienced this reproducing effect over the last sixteen years of this ministry. We have come to conclude that we have been invited by the Holy Spirit to join Him in doing a very good and important thing with the Body of Christ.  That is why this ministry exists.


Personally I never had a vision for what I am seeing. I simply saw the need to abandon myself to Christ, and follow Him with the deepest trust I’ve ever given to Him. I felt His leadership to reach out to a few men and show them what I was seeing, and help them go with me to that place of close proximity with Christ. It just happens that way. If we are committed to being a disciple of Christ, then we must submit to be used by Him to make other disciples. The first group also discovered Him and heard Him like I had, and they repeated the process of showing other men, through The Journey, what they had discovered. In the Journey Groups that have been reproduced, we have seen this multiplying process repeated around the country and other parts of the world. It is now sixteen years later, and thousands of men and women have joined us in our march to close proximity with Christ. As a ministry that is our mission. It is to use The Journey process to help other people find Christ like we are seeing and hearing Him.


At our National Summit we will invite our King to lead us. We depend on the great work of the Holy Spirit to both inspire and direct us. The men here represent our leadership and visionaries for expanding our voice and process to make disciples across the spectrum of God’s family throughout the world. For that reason we need the powerful covering your prayers give us. We need to be able to hear Him and experience Him in a special way. I pray that He will present Himself to us as powerfully as He did at Pentecost.  Will you pray for this the next few days? God bless you.


Lord come to us and let us see Your glory.  To Jesus honor and purpose we ask this.