Well, God answered our prayers regarding our National Summit this past weekend at Shepherd of the Ozarks in Arkansas. Influencers from all over the country made the pilgrimage to our retreat location.  It was evident from the beginning that the prayer covering for this event had done its work as a spirit of love, unity and anticipation filled the air.  Men came from Northwest Arkansas, Tulsa, Memphis, all over California, as well as from new cities in Maine, Alabama, Texas and Colorado.  Some were not sure why they were there, some didn’t really want to be there and others were ready for whatever God wanted to do in and through them.  From all the reports we have received, it appears God surprised everyone with new discoveries and renewed vision for their lives.

The theme was “All In” as the men were challenged to be more than just believers, but to be “disciples,” men who have forsaken all to follow Christ. Frank Khalil put forth “The Refugee Camp” and “The Bridge” toward new life.  Terry Miller brought us to “The Banquet Table,” emphasizing how a disciple must have God’s Word as his guide.  Pete McKenzie showed us how trials are necessary for the man who wants to follow Christ with all his heart and trust.  Les Pearsey talked about “Sharing the Feast” with our wives, our children and our world.  Lastly, Rocky Fleming helped us see how God will forge a man for the vision He has for him and we must consecrate our lives in “Personal Abandonment and Absolute Trust.”

Many men made major decisions in their lives this past weekend, turning the page on their pasts and moving into new territory with the Lord. A few men sealed their decisions as they were baptized in the icy creek on Saturday afternoon with hundreds of brothers cheering them on.  28 Breakout Groups met throughout the weekend, mixed with men from different regions, and these became mini-Journey Groups and places of great healing and encouragement.  Sam and Nick Parsons led us in powerful times of worship, taking us directly to God’s throne.

One other God story happened as a vanload of Influencers went to town to minister to the locals.  They were buying people’s gas, paying for their Sonic orders and getting groceries for people in need.  They were “Living it Out” or “Sharing the Feast” as Les Pearsey had described earlier that morning.  They came across a burned-down convenience store and talked to the owners, a young couple.  The woman cried as she said no one had tried to help them up to that point.  The guys invited them to join us for dinner and they passed the hat to help this couple in need.  During the closing session, the Gabe team presented the couple with over $3000 to help them get on their feet.  The husband was overwhelmed with emotion.  Then, his wife said she had been praying for God to do something to show He was real for her husband.  I think He just did.   Praise God!

We really believe this was a significant marker in the history of this ministry, as God continues to raise up and train an army of disciple-makers to go rescue men, who will, in turn, be used to go help other men. We expect a ripple effect from this event to spread into new cities, where men are desperate to find what we have to offer.  Please continue to pray for God to nurture the seeds of faith that were planted this weekend that they would be fertilized and grow deep roots.

If you were in attendance at the event, would you post a comment below about what God did in your life this past weekend to share with your brothers?


MAY 2-5, 2019


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