We need to understand a few facts to understand a conflict we see in the intelligentsia community and their problem with faith in a religion, but especially Jesus Christ. After all they are trying to neuter the American culture of religion, and therefore Christianity is their main target. Who are these people that I speak of? Here is how a dictionary defines them:


Intelligentsia – “intellectuals or highly educated people as a group, especially when regarded as possessing culture and political influence.”


Carl Marx and Vladimir Lennon are examples of such people. Communism was their theoretical answer for civilizing and controlling people. The first thing they declared that needed to go was religion. Here is what the father of Communism, Karl Marx, said of religion:


“Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people”.


My take on this member of the Intelligentsia Community is that he did not know God, therefore he could not represent Him correctly. Now I will agree that religion, per se, is a broad net that people like him includes every religion of all faiths in. However Christianity does not fall in this net, except for the ignorant person who doesn’t know the difference. It is this ignorance within the Intelligentsia Community that I want to discuss. Here is the first rule:


Ignorance simply means lack of knowledge. It does not mean a lack of intelligence. It means that a person lacks understanding with something, even if they are intelligent. However to declare a position on something such as Christianity without knowing or understanding our faith, is an ignorant person who tries to promote his lack of knowledge. This person is no authority on the subject, and the best thing they can do is to get to know, first hand, that which they do not understand. There is a second rule for an intelligent person. It is you cannot understand something if you are opposed to accepting something that you do not understand, which seems to be the case for the Intelligentsia Community.


Why does this group of people have so much difficulty accepting the truth of something they do not understand? It is because they measure things only by science through things such as the Law of Motion, Law of Gravitation and the Law of Cooling, or through “intelligent“ theories such as the Theory of Evolution or the Big Bang Theory. Though they will say they believe that physics teaches that something cannot come from nothing, they accept the Big Bang Theory and in doing so defy their laws of physics that in some way a Universe was formed from nothing. They will not believe in a creation event, for their limited knowledge of science and their theories won’t permit it, but they permit The Big Bang Theory? Really? They cannot believe in a Creator, for they are boxed in with their stubborn ignorance of what they do not know. They cannot believe in sin, for that would make them accountable to values they oppose. They cannot believe the need for a Savior, for they think themselves as not lost. Oh how ignorant these smart people are.


There are a ton of things that defy their limited science, and have done so since the Intelligentsia Community thought they had everything figured out. Haven’t they come to understand that there are some things outside of physics laws that God can do, such as walk on water, cause a wall to crumble in minutes, or separate a sea so hundreds of thousands of people can walk through it on dry land? Can they not conceive there is an intelligence greater that theirs that invites us to get to know Him? Can they not conceive that their position needs to be open to addressing their ignorance?


How about medicine? Have they got all of that figured out? Even in the advanced areas of medicine that we have now days, how do they explain a current day miracle that is often seen and described by qualified doctors as such? Do they describe a miracle as luck, misdiagnosis, or because of herb remedies? The only way they can understand what Christians are seeing and feeling and sharing is to dive in and enter a relationship with their Creator God, through Jesus Christ. He will enlighten them. They will understand, even though they will not fully understand it. But that is apparently too much for them. Instead, since they are so smart, they want the whole world to see life as they do and keep everyone as ignorant as they are.


If they want to look at history, the social experiment of communism has failed everywhere it has tried to get a foothold. Is it such a bad idea? Apparently so. However, the worst thing they did for the cause of communism was to try and take God from the people. If they had not done this, then it might have worked. Who knows? So it appears that the Intelligentsia Community that forced it on the people weren’t so smart after all.


Now we are seeing it again, but now it is in this country. Will they ever learn, for it seems to me that the ugly voice of atheism is now influencing a lot of social and political reform in this country like Marx and other communist leaders did in their country. However, I’m not talking about communism or any other form of government when I say this. I’m talking about those people in the Intelligentsia Community who are doing all they can to remove God from the heart of the American culture. They have the propaganda machine for preaching their message. They are on the move. However I have some really bad news for them. They might get their way for a while. But they are on the losing side and they will one day know the truth of how really ignorant and wrong they were when they see God at His judgment seat. Then it will be too late for them.