Today is a very special day!  Our founder, Rocky Fleming, celebrates a birthday.  We are all the beneficiaries of Rocky’s faithfulness to the vision God gave him that Abiding in Christ is the key to Discipleship and life in Christ. If you would like to send him a message about what his life and The Journey has meant to you, post a comment below.

Here’s a poem our Executive Director wrote to his mentor and brother and spiritual father:

For years and years I prayed a prayer, and no one really knew. I didn’t exactly know the way, that’s all I knew to do.

I longed to find my place in life, a purpose and a call. I also needed mentoring to help me not to fall.

Could there be an older man who’d want to be with me? Could there be a man who’d help me be what I could be?

I volunteered at my church and had a heart for men. But still awaited for the time when real life would begin.

I learned about discipleship, it made me really think. The secret to my heart’s desire, could this be the link?

Jesus said to do it, so it must be in the plan. But no one knew “how” or “why”, and I didn’t understand.

Then someone handed me a book, from a man in Arkansas. They said it was discipleship, and my spirit was in awe.

I read it and I drove 2 hours, I wanted to know more. I quickly knew I’d found a gem, I knew it in my core.

It’s there I met the man called “Rock”, he captivated me. I thought that he might be the one, the one to set me free.

He took an interest in my life and said he would assist. I thought of men who needed this, I began to form a list.

The Journey launched with hungry men, wanting to abide. And Rocky met me once a month, standing by my side.

This process was heaven-sent, an answer to my prayers. Just seeing how God converged our paths, truly showed He Cares.

God blessed these men in Tulsa, they found where they belong. Men are learning to abide, the ministry is strong.

God answered one more prayer by me, the one I always had. He sent this Mississippian to be my Spiritual Dad.

He’s loved me and believed in me, like no man ever did. He helped me heal some wounds I’ve had since I was just a kid.

He saw the man that I could be, he saw me being stretched. He showed me that amazing grace that saves an awful wretch.

I’d never met a man like him, so humble yet so strong. I knew for sure that on his team is where I did belong.

He’s been a coach, and pushed me hard, he wanted me to see. He knew I could be stronger and surrender was the key.

I’ve watched him deal with trials and pain, that never seemed to end. I’ve seen him welcome heartache, like a long, lost friend.

You see, this heat that struck his life was forging a new man. He saw the iron hammer in the Master’s hand.

To break a man named Rocky, it took a mighty force. Though he struggled endlessly, he always stayed the course.

In his faith, he journeyed on, praises he would sing. A sacrifice of praise was wrought, he pressed into the King.

Out of the fire and the ash, of one passionate, simple man. Came a process to help all men, a holy, anointed plan.

I love my Dad, I’m proud of him, so thankful for his life. So blessed to watch his family and the way he loves his wife.

He truly is a Moses, whose been called to lead the way. I’m proud to be his Joshua with my own role to play.

We’ll armor up, get on our steeds, riding side by side. Another man needs some help, to know how to Abide.

Thank you, God, for Papa Rock, we honor him tonight. I know you’re pleased with your Boy, he’s precious in your sight.

Into all us grateful men, his legacy’s been poured. May he feel Your pleasure now and forevermore.

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  • Thank you Rocky for being an example of a man of God, a man’s man, a man after God’s heart. Thank you for experiencing your crucible moments and overcoming them for God’s kingdom and His plan through personal abandonment and absolute trust. Thank you for not only recognizing your gift but utilizing them for the benifit of so many men currently and in the future. The Journey is what God chose to save my life and restore so many relationships, most importantly with my Father God. I love you and pray that God continues to show you favor and blesses you with a long life abiding in Him. I will be there when God tells you, “Well done my good and faithful servant”

  • Happy Birthday to a co-warrior in the kingdom … from over here in the Berry Patch in TN and a 74 YO battler going thru my first Journey with Howard Jones … and all of us over here in the Memphis area wish you a very special day. … Bill Berry for Battle Plan Ministries

  • Wow a Happy Birthday to you Rocky! Thank you for impacting God’s Kingdom through leading so many men and taking them on to a journey to have an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. Truly God used your stories to bring so many men and changed and impact their lives and the people around them. May God keep blessing you with many more birthdays to come! Love your heart and thank you again!

  • Praise God in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior! Another anniversary of your coming into the flesh to help those of us who had no idea what our identity was, and pointing your life to the one who created and gives our identity, Christ Jesus. I pray the remaining anniversaries you experience are filled more and more with God’s grace, peace and love!

  • Happy Birthday Rocky, I hope your day is blessed. Thank you for challenging us men to love God and family and each other, you are a blessing to many.

  • Happy Birthday Rocky! Thank You for staying the course. I thought my son and I had a great relationship but after we both went through the journey our relationship is Amazing! We both now Love and treat our wives as Jesus loved the church. Thank You for being obedient! We will always be brothers in Christ!

  • Thank you so much with your leadership other men have came before me and learned how to chase Jesus and God as put those men in my life I now chase Jesus I walk with our Lord God now I spend time with him daily this journey has changed my life my families life and the life of other I encounter daily . I strive to be a man of God a Mans Man if that makes sense. I thank you for being a part of changing the Man I was to the man I am and to the of God I strive to
    Be daily !
    Happy birthday.

  • Beautifully written poem!!! Rocky: Happy Birthday! Your obedience to God cannot overstated! God brought me to Bakersfield to get closer to Him, to live it out with men that currently live a life of personal abandonment and absolute trust! I thank God this, for pouring into you, and for the overflowing of His spirit out of you and onto all these journey groups! Thank you so much for listening and modeling everything you have written. Your abiding has not trickled down but has come flooding down! I heed God’s promise to not flood the Earth but love that He’s flooded you! Lord, I pray my dear brother Rocky is blessed today with family and friends to celebrate his birthday. May you pour out abundantly your love to all those he touches today. May they continue to see the light through Rocky and come to know you. Invigorate my brother with the youth of a 20 year old and renew his spirit daily. Thank you Rocky!!!! In His name!!!!

  • Happy Birthday Rocky,

    It’s been a blessing getting to know you. I love you Brother!

    Eddie Resendez

  • Rocky, my life changed one day in 2002 when my son-in-law called me and said I needed to talk with a man that was standing beside him – a man named Rocky. Our short conversation that day, plus your gift of an email with a copy of “The Prayer Cottage and the Sacred Garden” attached, was the answer to a question I had struggled with for years that was never answered in my church experience. That question was … “HOW do you have a great quiet time with God?” Your first book answered that question – and that simple, but deep, allegory, plus your guidance and patience, set me on a journey toward an abiding relationship with my King. Thank you, my brother, for saving my life through the leading of the Holy Spirit. And Happy Birthday, my good friend. I don’t know how many Happy Birthday responses you will get today, but I know there are THOUSANDS of men and women who love you as I do.

  • To a true man of God, Happy Birthday Rocky. Thank God He has given you the gift to help influence other men in His ways not ours. You have been a blessing to me and many many others. I thank God for you brother. Keep trusting and abiding in Our Lord and Savior. Have a wonderful joyful peaceful blessed day my brother in Christ. Hope, Faith and Love to you and yours .

  • For 25 years I have searched in Men’s Ministry and we’ve finally found what we have been looking for The Journey thank you Rocky and have a very happy birthday

  • Happy Birthday Rocky! Thank you for following the Lord’s vision for you with this incredible ministry! May God Bless you and your family!

  • This is a special day. You share a birthday date with my youngest daughter Gabby, she turns 13 today. I pray you feel like your 13 years old again and have a wonderful day looking back at all the ways God has blessed your life.
    Happy Birthday, Rocky!!

  • Thank you Rocky For allowing yourself to be used by God. Your message, your commitment has truly affected many men including us boys in Maine. We look forward to your blogs every day and we love reading the books that you have written. The material that God has given you has truly made a difference in these men’s lives. Happy birthday my friend and may God bless you with many more years of spirit filled service.

  • Happiest of Birthday’s to you, Rocky! I was happily surprised to find that I share your Birthday today, so I had to write you. My husband began his Journey last year and what an amazing growth I’ve witnessed within him from God’s Holy Spirit and the Journey. He is so sad that he will miss your visit to our area in April due to work. Hopefully he’ll get to meet you another time soon. Blessings to you and yours! shelley seeley

  • Miles of Smiles and Blessings on your Special Day and throughout the coming year! ~ Your West Coast Brother.

  • Rocky, thank you for your pursuit of intimacy and your commitment to make disciples. It has brought the Kingdom into the present. Happy Birthday, Man of God…another milestone in the gospel according to Rocky!

    • Rocky happy birthday
      if your gray hair numbers the many men you have influenced then congratulations…because they are many. ha ha

      keep going brother
      you have touched many many lives congratulations !!!
      oh and is the number 84 on your football jersey your age today ? Keep getting those gray hair Ol Wise Rocky Sage

  • Yo Rocky, I will never be able to thank you enough for your leadership! Cliché…but you are a life changer that has made my journey with Christ a wonderful, to say the least, journey that has given me purpose, joy and peace in this chaotic world…you are on my bucket list to meet and say thank you!!

  • Rocky happy birthday
    if all of your gray hair is testimony to all of the men who have been blessed by the journey then you have reached thousands including many men in my six journey groups over the years

    happy birthday friend!!!!
    May the Lord continue to increase you and your gray hair. That football Jersey number is not your age is it?

  • Happy Birthday Rocky. The PrayerCottage was the vehicle God used to touch me deep in my soul and teach me how to forgive.


    Doug Hall

  • Happy Birtday Rocky. You have so many things to be thankful for today. Please know we are thankful for you. Enjoy your day!

  • As you walk in God’s grace, enjoy all His blessings through family and friends
    thank you Rocky for inviting me along. Your Daddy in heaven wishes you a very
    joyous Birthday and Myself and family do as well.

    Happy Birthday Rocky

  • Happy Blessed Birthday Dear Brother Rocky!!! God is moving in and through men like no other time in our history. Thankfully you answered HIS call & are guiding men to become self feeders at the Feast!!

  • Happy Birthday Rocky! Thanks to you and other Influencers, my soul is healthy today. I have touched the hem of His garment, and I am FREE – FREE INDEED.

  • Have a blessed birthday, Rocky. Thank you for starting Influencers and for positively impacting thousands of men and their families worldwide.

  • Happy Birthday, Rocky. So thankful for the Journey process God gave you to draw men (and women) into a closer abiding relationship with our King.

  • Happy Birthday Rocky! Thank you so much for your dedicated service and the many lives that you have impacted because of our glorious Savior!

  • Rocky, Man of God. God had a plan for you and you didn’t get in the way. In fact God used everything about you so He could rise up through you as you Abided in Him. Thank you Rocky for not being selfish, but for being selfless so generations can come to know Papa. Father in Heaven we thank you for the great work you have started in Rocky. Please continue to bless him. In Jesus Name. Amen

  • I want to wish you a Happy and Blessed Birthday…
    I can never thank you enough for following Gods leading, in 2012 I became part of the Band of Brothers and my life is not and never will be the same…

  • Happy Birthday Rocky! I am thankful that our paths have crossed. Best wishes for another year of “ living it out”.

  • Happy birthday Rocky, thank you for the influencers and for helping me to become the best man of God I can be every day for the rest of my life. Haven’t seen you in a while but look forward to our next meeting thank you again Rocky for all you do. You are awesome man of God. Love you brother.

  • Happy Birthday!

    I joined a Journey group a little over a year ago at a time that I felt like I was drowning. That group was a gift from God. I’ve really benefited from getting into Scripture and into a community of men who are chasing after Jesus.

    Thank you for your faithfulness to God’s work in your life.

  • I praise our Father for calling you to abide and then teach others. Gods richest blessings. HBD

  • Rocky , Thank you for teaching men the truth of having an intimate & abiding relationship with Jesus !

  • Happy Birthday, my friend. God bless you and keep you, and may His face shine upon you.

  • Happy Birthday Rocky. Thank you for being an influencers in our lives in Memphis. It’s a joy and encouragement to hear the Spirit speak through His vessel. Thank you for living it out before for us so we see an example of intimacy with our King!

  • Rocky, Happy Birthday Sir, and a shout out to you from the men at Chino State institution for Men and the men that have gone through the Discipleship process called the Journey. We thank you for your service to the King helping make Disciples! The Lord Bless and Keep you.

  • Happy Birthday to an Amazing Man named Rocky,
    May your day be Blessed beyond words. So glad that I was introduced to the work that God inspired in you. Your life and work have had a profound impact on my life and every member of my family. Abiding in Christ is the game changer that every man and woman needs. Thank you for bringing the understanding of God’s Promises of Abiding to me and thousands of Influencers around the world! Love you, Brother.

  • Happy Birthday Rocky! May God continue to bless you and your family. Thank you for being a vessel of blessing through to men around the world. I am grateful for the journey and its impact on my own life and the lives of so many men. Wishing for you the blessing Moses spoke, “as your days are, so may your strength be” (Deut. 33:25).

  • Happy Birthday to you my brother!
    So thankful to the Lord for such abundant grace over your life! We praise Him for you sir!
    What a blessing you have been and still are!

    His “Covenant Blessings” over you sir!

    From the men of the Journey,
    here in Austin, Texas

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