Influencers Brothers: A concerted prayer effort, on behalf of Influencers, is taking place next Tuesday evening, from 6:00-8:00 CST in Northwest Arkansas.  If you live within driving distance, you are encouraged to attend.  This will be held at Greg Huett’s farm, near Tontitown, AR. (Directions are below). If you are not in the area, consider joining… Read More

Fellow Influencers and Brothers in the Battle: I sense, this morning, an unusual heaviness, as I hear of fellow Journey brothers being plagued by darkness, health concerns, worries about their children, giving in to temptation, etc.  Men, we are being used by God to change lives for eternity, and the enemy does not take it lightly. … Read More

 Go With ME Embracing our Sacred Responsibility with Christ “Brothers, each man, as responsible to God, should remain in the situation God called him to.”  I Corinthians 7: 24 – NIV It is a normal part of growing closer to Christ, to desire to serve Him more fully.  This is healthy, and it is a right… Read More

We can talk about “abiding with Christ” and “intimacy with Christ”, and we believe in these precepts deeply. However, the most encouraging words we can share are from YOU! As our friend, Pete McKenzie, says, “Every man has a story, and every story is worth sharing.” If you wouldn’t mind, take a moment and share… Read More

Go With ME Embracing our Sacred Responsibility with Christ “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.”  Acts 4:13 – ESV  There is an amazing fact that joined Jesus when He came on… Read More

One of the most unexpected blessings that has occurred since the first Journey group in 2001 has been the longing from other countries and cultures for this curriculum.  The Journey curriculum has been translated into Spanish, Arabic and is in process of being translated into Mandarin, French and now Portuguese. This has been exciting, but… Read More

Greetings Fellow Influencers: Have any of you gone through a “Rip Van Winkle” stage in your life, when you closed your eyes, and suddenly your life had gone past you as you slept?  Well, I haven’t had it to that extent.  But, I see the last few months much like it. In mid December I had surgery… Read More

We continue to be amazed and surprised at how new expressions of The Journey constantly come about. One of the most recent developments has been with our Influencers West group, where they are answering a call to take The Journey to inmates. Bill Kauble, one of our west coast leaders, was praying with his wife… Read More

Exciting news about how God is calling for translation of The Journey curriculum into Portuguese to take to Brazilian men: In 1982 I had the opportunity to speak to several Brazilian churches in Rio over about 2 weeks, and share about the benefit of embracing discipleship training into their churches.  At the time I was using… Read More

Influencers is funded solely by Curriculum Sales and by the monthly support of a few donors.  We have scraped by these past 7 years by the grace of God and by the servant’s hearts of a strong volunteer base.  Our founders have always felt like the Influencers’ message of “Intimacy with Christ” was much bigger… Read More

The Christmas Crutch     There’s a Christmas opera that has been shown on TV for years.  It’s called Amahl and the Night Visitors. Perhaps you’ve seen it, albeit it might have been forced on some of you fellows?  After all, real men don’t go to operas and eat Quiche, right boys?  Well hold on “Rambo!” Would it surprise you… Read More