National Influencers Celebration Gathering:  We’re planning our first National Influencers Gathering on Saturday, December 5th, at the Jones Family Center, in Springdale, AR.  This will be a special time to give God thanks for all He has done through the Influencers ministry and to be encouraged by guest speaker, Pete McKenzie, who leads Influencers, Southern… Read More

Fellow Influencers: We are so excited about this new website, which we truly hope will be a tool that God will use to expand this ministry as far as He wants to take it.  We had 3 goals in mind in creating the new website:  Connectivity, Education and Resourcing.  The most exciting piece is the… Read More

The Journey has been helping men in their walk with Christ for 8 years now.  Many men have been transformed and have become “self-feeders” on God’s Word.  Many men have taken it as a Sacred Responsibility to bring The Journey to other men, and they have become Guides.  However, there is one key component of… Read More