Fellow Influencers and Brothers in the Battle: I sense, this morning, an unusual heaviness, as I hear of fellow Journey brothers being plagued by darkness, health concerns, worries about their children, giving in to temptation, etc.  Men, we are being used by God to change lives for eternity, and the enemy does not take it lightly. … Read More

Just got word that Rocky made it through his 4-hour surgery successfully.  The surgeon was able to reattach the pin in his leg, which had become detached.  He was also able to lengthen his leg a bit, which was needed.  So, now it’s time to relax and recover. Thanks for your prayers.… Read More

Brothers, please join us in praying for our leader, Rocky Fleming, as he undergoes surgery tomorrow afternoon to repair a broken femur in his leg.  Rocky had surgery seven years ago, where they installed a pin in his leg.  The severe pain he has been enduring for several months recently told him something wasn’t right. … Read More

“Lord, I am your disciple.  I love You and I will spend the rest of my life desiring to know You better.  Today I will make time to be still and know that You are God.  Your Word is my strength and my sword.  I will be a man of prayer, for it is through… Read More