I read a scripture today that reinforced my belief that while we may know about Jesus, we can still not know Him. More so we can do extensive study of scripture, and identify ourselves as Christians, but still not know Him. I will connect two key scriptures to reinforced my observation:   “So Jesus said… Read More

I write this blog while in my friend’s house in Southern California.  I remained in California longer than planned beyond his wife’s funeral, for there was something I needed to be part of in his life.  Not only are Pete McKenzie and I co-laborers with Influencers, but we have been the closest of friends for… Read More

I was at a wild game dinner years ago. The key speakers were my old football coach Johnny Vaught, and Bear Bryant. I had an opportunity to play for Bear but chose Ole Miss rather than Bama, due to family legacy and such. I’ve always been a fan of Bama, although not a fan of… Read More

Hey guys.  On October 19th we expect about three hundred and fifty men to gather at Shepherd of the Ozarks Retreat Center for three days to worship, fellowship, and enjoy the company of a bunch of Influencers who have gathered from across the nation, and other places in the world.  As in the past we… Read More

I read the following verse this morning and had some thoughts I would like to share with you. Here is the verse:   “Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” (John 7:38 NIV)   I was reminded of a story that Peter Marshal had written… Read More

What if Jesus asked you what you are seeking from Him, could you be clear and concise with your answer? Could it be that simple to get His attention, and His response? It happened that way in the first chapter of John. Here is what it says: Jesus turned and saw them following and said… Read More

I came very close to blowing it today. I could feel an uneasy, angry feeling trying to find a place in me. I saw it coming. I knew who it was. I have heard his voice many times, and I have reacted to it more times than I want to admit. It is the voice… Read More

If we were to return to the beginning of Influencers we would see a simple message from God that deals with a very big question in the Body of Christ. The question is how did Jesus teach us to make disciples, for after all He did tell us to go and make them? I discovered… Read More

I’ve watched two different dramas unfold this past week. They are different but devastating for both people. Both have had an emotional darkness fall over their life that could swallow them up by despair if they allow it. Both are Christians, and both have a choice to make with how to process it. This is… Read More

Have you noticed how people are using emoji figures more and more to express their feelings? The little figures were created to make sure a cryptic message comes across as intended, such as a sad or happy face, or a face with a wink. I got to thinking the other day that an emoji bible… Read More

Because of days like yesterday I have a love / hate perspective for my gender. Some men have represented the noblest and most courageous roles in history. Many have lived and died with valor and honor, while respecting all people, and especially their wives and children. I love and cherish these men. On the other… Read More

I’m journaling (again) through the Gospel of John with my Journey Group. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve done this. I can say, as I’ve told others, that I always find new insight with passages I have read before, and thought I completely knew its content. This morning I read (again) a passage… Read More