I’m journaling (again) through the Gospel of John with my Journey Group. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve done this. I can say, as I’ve told others, that I always find new insight with passages I have read before, and thought I completely knew its content. This morning I read (again) a passage… Read More

I met with my Journey Group this morning. They are different from many I’ve done, for they are all in their thirties. They are Millennials. However, they are just like all the other groups I’ve had, whether they are older, from different cultures, a different race, or a different stage in their spiritual development. Here… Read More

It has taken me many years and many mistakes to understand a truth that I can give my best effort with something while not doing the best that I can do. Our concept of “our best” is most of the time a personal endeavor to accomplish a goal or objective.  Therefore we use all our… Read More

I watched a video yesterday about a child in Mosul Iraq who was rescued by a courageous American man. An ISIS sniper gunned down the child’s mother, along with some other civilians. The small child wore pink ribbons tied in her hair, like so many small children around the world do. This impressed upon me… Read More

I had an interesting discussion with my Journey Group this morning. Those guys are all professionals or businessmen, and they happen to be Generation Y, or commonly referred to as Millennials. They are bright, energetic, creative, and the future. This is why I enjoy them, and why I want to invest my time into mentoring… Read More

This past week my wife was given an insulting blow that hurt her. It hurts me as well, for I love her more than my own life. The rude blow came from a friend who is less a friend to Sallie than Sallie is to her. This became apparent, and although she suspected it, it… Read More

Here’s some interesting Bible trivia, or at least it interests me. The reason it interests me is because I continue to discover facts that seem to be hidden in scripture, and once seen, a more complete picture emerges that tells us more about Jesus and God’s plan for our redemption. Here goes:   The Hebrew… Read More

I’d like to tell you a story about a man. Maybe you will find yourself in the same situation, in different ways, but the same as well? Perhaps his story will encourage you. Here goes:   Years ago in a different country and with different norms two men stole some sheep. They did this in… Read More

I watched an interesting group text last week with a group of men. I am part of the group, although I am more of an observer than a text-er. What I see with these men is similar to what I have observed with a “squad,” whether it is the Army, Navy Seals, or Marines. A… Read More

I have a friend who told me that he felt his prayers were being hindered. Have you ever felt that way? I have. My friend is doing an appraisal of his life to see if there is a cause for this hindrance. I agree that this is the first thing we should do, if and… Read More

There is a consistent theme in the Old and New Testaments about crossing over. We read about those illustrations and understand what we read as different examples of transitions from an old life to a new one. It is a clear picture that is painted by God for us to see. We see transitions from… Read More

I’d like to share with you a secret. In fact it is my secret place. I’ve told very few people about this holy place I speak of. The reason is because I cannot take anyone other than myself to this place, and it requires me to describe it to you. It is hard to describe,… Read More