We have a $200,000 Matching Grant available to us through the end of 2017, which means for every $1 you donate to the Influencers Global Office,  $1 will be matched.  This means we have access to $400,000 of resources to help us make Disciples all over the world.  More information below.

We call this MD2X– Making Disciples Matching Grant

We have a monthly and a one-time donation option. If you are you choose to make a monthly donation make sure that you choose the monthly amount first and then click the Donate Button.

Monthly Donation Option

Monthly Donation Options

Support the Vision of Influencers

In Exodus 35, we read a fascinating account of God’s vision and His pro-vision coming together.  God laid out a vision for a Tabernacle to Moses with clear instructions.  Then, Moses presented the vision to God’s people and took up an Offering to fund the vision.  It says:

“Everyone who was willing and whose heart moved him came and brought an offering to the Lord for the work.”  Exodus 35:21

The response of the people was so overwhelming that Moses had to tell them to stop bringing their offerings because they had “more than enough for doing the work the Lord commanded to be done.”

In a very similar way, we are taking up an Offering to fund God’s vision for Influencers.

The Vision

God has raised up Influencers Global Ministries, and He is telling us to Go Make Disciples of all nations.  If it is the Lord’s Will, we plan to very aggressively pursue the expansion of this ministry in the next 2-3 years, which means thousands more men and women will become Disciples by learning to Abide in Christ.  This will change the culture in which we live!  We envision:

  • Traveling each month to new, emerging Influencers cities for DNA transfer, Journey training and to raise up Champions. This includes International opportunities- i.e. we are going to Egypt next February.
  • Conducting Journey Training Events via Video Conferencing and in person multiple times per year.
  • Supporting our current Regions and Regional Directors as they live out the Global Mission locally.
  • Building a Worldwide Discipleship Network and constantly communicating God’s Word, messages on Discipleship and vision to set the prisoners free.
  • Consulting churches in our Discipleship methodology and processes and supporting The Abiding Network ( of churches.
  • Giving away free curriculum to the Influencers- Prison Ministry, where inmates are being discipled and learning to make Disciples.
  • Hosting Retreats to encourage and strengthen our Staff and to raise up more leaders to carry the torch of our mission.
  • Creating Podcasts, Videos and other Discipleship Media to spread our message more broadly via the internet and smart phones.
  • Anointing new Regional Directors who will be called to lead new Influencers Regions on a full-time basis.

The Provision

We are taking up an Offering of Influencers worldwide to fund the vision God has laid out for us.

God has blessed us with a $200,000 Matching Grant, so for every $1 you give, it will be matched, up to $200,000.  We call this MD2X (Making Disciples Matching Program)

So, fellow Influencers, we ask you today to:

  1. Pray- ask the Lord if you should participate.
  2. If God moves your heart, Give Generously to this Vision.

    OR Mail a check to:

    Influencers Global Ministries, P.O. Box 113, Rogers, AR 72757

    (PUT MD2X in the Memo Line)

    Regional Consideration

    Each of our Regional Offices raises support for their local mission from Influencers in that Region.  You may be one of those Regional supporters, and if so, we say THANK YOU.  If you are not, we strongly encourage you to support your Regional Office.

    Additionally, however, we want you to know:

    Any funds that are raised beyond $200,000 will go into a special fund to Reinvest into current and emerging Regional offices.

    So, there’s the Vision and the plan for Provision. THANK YOU in advance for your support on this.  Also, thank you for being the Influencers that you are, giving your lives away to advance the Kingdom of God.  We are proud to call you brothers.