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An Interview with Pete McKenzie – A Love that Never Fails (Part Two)

An Interview with Pete McKenzie – Becoming a Man of God (Part One)

The Influencers Expansion Model and the 5-Seed Challenge

An Interview with Pastor Nate Sweeney- Influencers and the Local Church

An Interview with Founding Board Members Bob Brown and Tony Elliott

An Interview with Executive Director Bryan Craig-Being All-In

What are God’s Plans for You in 2018

Merry Christmas

Stewardship of a Vision

Rocky’s New Book, “Forged For a Vision”

Interview with Greg Huett- The Value of Storms

Reflections from the National Summit

The DNA of The Journey- Part Two

The DNA of The Journey- Part One

The Beginning of Influencers


National Summit Talks

Friday Morning – The Refugee Camp- Frank Khalil

Friday Afternoon – The Banquet Table- Terry Miller

Friday Night – The Exercise Room- Pete McKenzie

Saturday Morning – Sharing the Feast- Les Pearsey

Saturday Night – Personal Abandonment and Absolute Trust- Rocky Fleming