Dear Friends,

My family and I are deeply grateful for your prayers and the many messages of hope and appreciation you have sent to me.  I hope that I conveyed that with my last blog post.  But somehow I feel that I need to say a little more to you.

As a result of the miraculous work of the Lord in our lives concerning Sallie Jewel, I personally  have been taken to a new place with gratefulness and dependency on prayer, and the compassion and love of you and our Influencers family.  I must emphasize how important you were to us on the journey we’ve been on.  I can never thank you all, or thank you enough.  But you can know that if I could, I would speak to each of you and express our appreciation.

I pray for you that you will come to understand the Jesus that I’ve been shown, and the love that He has for His family.  Perhaps in some way this message will be released through me more strongly, and I can better express my gratitude to Him and to you?  Perhaps this alone will be used to make Christ known as He wants to me known, as the loving, intimate Shepherd of our souls that He is.  I love you all very much.

With you in the role of Christ,


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