There is much talk these days about the “Millennials” and who they are and how they think and how to reach them. We sit down with one of our own to seek some answers. Hear the interview with Jesse Lane. CLICK BELOW to go to our Podcast page or GO TO ITUNES… Read More

Most of us don’t like to think about death. However, on this spiritual journey, there needs to come a time when we attend our own funeral. There is new life on the other side of this death. Listen to our new podcast, “The Slow, Agonizing Death of a Living Sacrifice.” Listen Now… Read More

Jesus tells us to “Abide in His Love” in the famous Abiding passage of John 15. He says if we obey His commands we will abide in His Love. Then He says His command is this: “Love each other.” We unpack this whole love story in our latest podcast, “Abiding in His Love.”  … Read More

Rocky recently gave a talk to some Guides in Northwest Arkansas and we recorded it. We are entitling his talk, “The DNA of Making Disciples” LISTEN NOW… Read More

  We sit down and chat with Chris Hyslop, one of the members of the first Journey Group in Tulsa, who talks about how abiding in Christ led him to share that love with those in need. You’ll hear about the Influencers who formed “Sons of Encouragement.” LISTEN NOW… Read More

We interview Micheal Ramsey, from Cairo, Egypt who was visiting the U.S. and talks about taking Egyptians through The Journey.… Read More

The Apostle Paul talks about a “stewardship of grace” in his letter to the Ephesians. Rocky talks about how this struck him in his thinking about our responsibility as Christ’s disciples. Fascinating discussion. INFLUENCERS NETWORK PODCAST LINK Or go to the Podcast App on your smartphone and search “Influencers Global Ministries”… Read More

We interview Michael Daoust, our Champion in Frisco, TX who spearheaded the launch of 2 new Journey groups starting this Fall. Hear the story of how God set all of this up. It is a great example of how God is inviting Influencers to new cities all over the United States. Praying for more champions… Read More

Dr. Gary Oliver, former Promise Keepers Board Member and Speaker, sits down with us to discuss his view of men’s ministry and how Influencers is making an impact.  Listen and you will realize that you are part of a holy movement!   INFLUENCERS NETWORK PODCAST     ALSO AVAILABLE ON  I-PHONES IN THE PODCAST APP!… Read More

New Podcast You’ve heard about the Discipline of the Lord and also about how He Prunes, but do you understand Sifting?  Jesus told Peter he would be sifted.  Are you being sifted?  Listen to Rocky’s wisdom on this important aspect of God’s development program.  Listen to “What is Sifting?  Why is it Good?”   INFLUENCERS… Read More

Listen to our latest podcast, where we sit down for a chat with David Roth, fellow Influencer and CEO of Workmatters.  Hear how God is bringing His Word into the workplace and helping believers Live it Out at work. INFLUENCERS NETWORK PODCAST   OR GO TO THE  I-TUNES APP   Click below to go to the… Read More