We have been blessed to travel all over the United States and meet men and women from all kinds of churches and backgrounds.  Today, we discuss our view of how we see the world today and why Influencers exists.  Listen to “Today’s World- The Harvest Before Us.” The link below will take you to our Podcast page.… Read More

We sit down with one of our leaders in Northwest Arkansas, Jason Pluenneke, who talks about his personal Journey to Abiding.  He also talks about being on the Resource Team for Influencers Global Ministries and how we approach the funding for this ministry.  You’ll enjoy this week’s broadcast, “Personal Abandonment and Absolute Trust- We Live It!”… Read More

Journaling has proven to be a key method in The Journey to help individuals learn how to Abide in Christ.  This week, Rocky interviews Executive Director Bryan Craig on “The Power of Journaling”. INFLUENCERS NETWORK PODCAST… Read More

We know we have an enemy on this journey with the Lord, but often we act as if he has all the power over us. Rocky talks about this in our latest broadcast, “A Unique Perspective on Spiritual Warfare.” Listen now by clicking one of the links below: INFLUENCERS PODCAST PAGE ITUNES PODCAST LINK… Read More

Bryan sits down with Rocky to talk about the vertical relationship with Jesus Christ part of the Journey. In explaining The Journey process and how to become a Disciple of Christ, we always talk about Vertical vs. Horizontal.  In today’s episode, Rocky explains this important dynamic of the vertical journey toward Christ.  Listen to today’s… Read More

Today’s broadcast includes a testimony of an Influencer who lived a homosexual lifestyle for over 15 years until the Holy Spirit called him and set him free.  Jason Maxwell (flames2fire.com) shared his story at a local gathering of Influencers in Northwest Arkansas.  For anyone who struggles with homosexuality or knows someone who does, Jason’s message… Read More