Nick was the manager of a prominent country club, with over 300 employees and much responsibility.  He went to church and kept up appearances, but spiritually, he was empty.  His journey really started back in New Jersey where he was an Acolyte in his church.  He took pride in serving at the church and in pleasing his mother.  His Dad owned a big 250-seat restaurant with Continental cuisine, and spent most of his time working.  However, he did find time to officiate basketball games, and this was an experience Nick got to share with his Dad.


When Nick was in college, his father became ill with stomach cancer.  He was only 48.  While Nick was away on a European trip, he got word that his Dad’s health was getting worse.  Suddenly, this young 19 year old was forced to help run the family restaurant.  After a series of treatments and attempts at healing, his father died.  Watching his father suffer hardened Nick’s heart.  At that moment, he checked out spiritually.

He eventually sold the restaurant and moved to Phoenix to pursue a new career path.  He and his wife and their growing family spent several years there until Nick moved to take his current position at the age of 35.  They went to church as a family, mainly for the sake of their children, and Nick felt, spiritually, like he was going through the motions.  This went on for years until his daughter became involved in a new church and urged her parents to join her.  Nick felt the Lord touch his heart for the first time in a long while.  He began serving at the church and searching for the deeper things of God.


About that time, a guy at the church handed him a “Journey to the Inner Chamber” book and told him about The Journey.  As he began reading the book, he knew this was something he needed and wanted.  He offered to host the group at his country club.  Week after week, as this group gathered and unpacked spiritual truths, Nick’s spirit was awakening.  He was beginning to look at his life and his position in a different light.  He had many questions for his Guides, and they saw God working on his heart.


Then, at the first ½ Day Prayer Retreat, while he was sitting quietly alone with God in the woods, He began to really draw close to God.  He knew about God from his spiritual upbringing, but now, he wanted to live with God.  He started looking at everything in his life through the lens of the Holy Spirit.  Shortly after the retreat, Nick gave his life to Christ.  Now, he desired to lead his family spiritually.  He wanted to help his wife with some of her struggles.  He wanted to be a loving Daddy to his children.  At work, he became more sympathetic to his employees and began to look for opportunities to bless them.


Though he still feels like an infant in the faith, he now knows who he is and why he is here.  He is letting the Lord lead his life now, taking it one step of faith at a time.  His commitment to his faith is changing his family.  They talk about God regularly and share scriptures with each other.  His wife has found her own spiritual breakthroughs and healing and is now joining Nick in a Couple’s Journey Group.  Nick wants his employees to find what he has found.  He even purchased several copies of the Journey book which he plans to give to all of his managers at the club.  He is also looking for opportunities to use his influence at the club to help his community.


This man, who has spent his whole life in the business of serving people, now has a new motivation.  He now serves in the name of Christ and for His glory, and as he does, he is drawing new believers to the banquet table.

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