Another Holy Spirit Sailboat Letter

June 8, 2022


One of the most powerful exercises in The Journey is the session where we learn about The Holy Spirit in the context of a sailboat.  At the end of this exploration, participants write a Letter to God based on what they learned about their sailboat and their prior interactions with the Holy Spirit.  Our Champion in Montgomery, AL, Tim Rine, shares a letter (poem) he heard in one of his groups.  Be blessed as you read it.


“I cannot control the wind, but I can control the sails.”


This vessel I will call my life….

was destroyed with earthly strife…

ravaged by the worldly waves… 

unsure, afraid of all my days. 


I turned to God more than twice.

I wasn’t bad, I was more than nice…

asking, praying, Lord, help me!

There were no answers that I could see.


Then the Journey led me to the trail,

learning to better use my sail….

to seek….to find the Spirit’s word.

Now, I see, much more to be heard!


The Holy Spirit was always near….

He comforts, helps and wipes a tear. 

He is a part of me!  I did not know! 

This Spirit, I see, could help me grow!


My part, I find, is to remove my sin…

Let the Godly Spirit enter in….

Lay it all ….at his feet, 

And…One day, Heaven’s where we all will meet.