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Did You Know?

March 1, 2023

Did You Know?
There are 2 Study Guides for The Journey to the Inner Chamber

It is interesting as we have watched this ministry grow and expand in the last 21 years, for the further it gets away from where it began, sometimes key elements have been lost. For example, we believe The Journey to the Inner Chamber is definitely the entry point to joining a Journey Group. God breathed this allegory to Rocky 21 years ago, and it has proven to be a powerful tool in helping potential Journey participants assess where they are on their spiritual journey and see a roadmap for where they want to go.

We have produced a 6-Week Discussion guide to help Journey guides as they form a Journey group and qualify whether their invitees are being called to be in the 9-month Journey. In the early days, we had a 2-Week Discussion of this book, but over time, we discovered many groups needed to camp on this book longer, so we created the 6-Week guide.

Whether you do it in 2 weeks or 6, we strongly recommend that every Journey group do a discussion of this book as a pre-cursor to The Journey. It helps prospective Journey participants to count the cost before committing to The Journey and has a way of creating a bond within the group before it even starts.

You can purchase the Journey to the Inner Chamber 6-Week Discussion guide in our Store, but also please note that we now put a copy of this in every Journey Pack. You can also download the 2-week Discussion guide for free on our website.