Virtual Journey Groups Are Expanding Influencers Worldwide

October 4, 2023

Virtual Journey Groups Are Expanding Influencers Worldwide 

You may have heard the story but in 2018, we noticed were getting many requests regarding The Journey from cities where we did not yet have a presence.  We would tell interested individuals that they could be the trailblazer in their city and lead a Journey Group.  We could train them and mentor them through the process.  We told them that others had done that in other cities.  However, most people we talked with were not read to lead a group.  They just wanted to join a group.  So, each time, we felt like we were leaving someone behind.  Then, and idea surfaced.  What if we tried using videoconference technology to take people through the process?  Mind you, this was 2018.  

We did some research on the best videoconference software out there and we settled on Zoom.  Then, we put the word out, “Hey Influencers, do you have a friend or family member who you’ve always wanted to go through The Journey but they live in a city where we don’t have groups?  Now’s your opportunity!”  We asked for nominations and quickly got the names of 25 men.  Once we settled into the 9-month commitment, we had 12 men.  Within a few weeks, we could tell that the Holy Spirit was working and some of the same things we had seen with live groups were happening virtually.  We got creative in how to do our Retreats and the Commencement, but overall, it was an amazing experience.  We showed up at the 2019 Summit and were able to tell our leaders that Virtual Journey groups work.  The next fall, we had 20 Virtual groups start.  Then, you know what happened in 2020.  While churches were forced to shut down, we were ready to help our Journey groups transition to virtual.  God had been graciously getting us ready for a year and a half.

The world has not fully recovered from the impact of COVID on our culture, and now, more and more people are accustomed to using Zoom or Teams to meet with co-workers and family members who live in other cities.  And likewise, Virtual Journey Groups still continue to thrive and allow Journey Guides, as they pray about who to invite into their groups, to consider people anywhere in the world.  Some groups in large cities with big commute times, have even seen benefit in doing it virtually to help cut down on drive time and allow more time for the actual meeting.   These same groups usually gather Live for their retreats and commencement.  
We still have many men and women approaching our ministry who don’t live in a city with Journey groups who want IN.  Can we help these people?  Can we ask faithful men, women and couples who have been through The Journey to consider guiding a virtual group so help find a home for those seeking to be discipled?  
We are actively looking for Virtual Guides of Journey groups for Men, Women and Couples, and this need is going to grow as this ministry continues to expand and more and more people discover Influencers.  

So, if you:

-Are guiding a Virtual group and would be open to allowing a few more people in your group from other cities…

-You would be willing to lead a Men’s, Women’s or Couple’s Virtual Journey Group…

-You would like to join a Virtual Journey Group…

Please contact Scott Lawson, our Virtual Journey Group Director at [email protected].  We exist to guide individuals into an intimate, abiding relationship with Christ and don’t want to leave anyone behind!