A New Thing
Bryan Craig
“See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” Isaiah 43:19
Dear Influencers: This is the time of year that we slow down to celebrate the holidays and enjoy our families and a little time off. It is a time of reflection of this past year and a time to begin planning for next year. For disciples of Christ who abide in Him, we invite the Lord into that thought process. We praise Him as we think about His fingerprints on our lives this past year and we ask His Spirit to set our sails in the right direction for 2016.
You may know that this has been a big year of change for the Craig Family. For many years, I have wrestled with a calling into ministry. In the beginning, in my immaturity, I thought I needed to go to seminary to pursue a career as a Pastor. Then, I thought I was supposed to go work for Promise Keepers, for I was so passionate about men’s ministry. God kept holding me back, and I became content being a “Marketplace Minister”, owning a small business and using that business as a platform for Journey Groups and my local ministry, Tulsa Men of Christ. However, my restlessness ensued through the years until one year ago, God brought me to a place of surrender to His calling. God clarified my calling to join the mission of Influencers, and He asked me to move my family to Northwest Arkansas. I have worked in the same small business for 25 years and my 4 daughters have lived in the same house in Tulsa for 19 years. This was no small change, but God gave me a resolve to take this step of faith.
This calling was confirmed by Rocky and by our Global Board, and my wife, Missy, supported the decision. As soon as I jumped out of the boat of my comfort zone, God began orchestrating all the steps necessary to make this happen. I can tell you that it has not been easy, for we have dealt with a few snags and a roller coaster of emotions, but as I have steadfastly moved ahead, I have seen Him working everything out. I also believe He has been continuing to prune me, preparing me for my new role. In August, I moved my wife and girls to Arkansas so they could start school, while I commuted back and forth 2 hours to Tulsa to complete the transition of my business. It has been hard on my family, having me gone so much, but I believe He has been growing their faith, as well. Many times, I have also realized the Enemy has been at work, trying to thwart this plan, but every time, God gives me His Word and His Armor to help me stand strong.
So, beginning next week, I will assume my new role as Executive Director with Influencers. I am SO excited! I will be working closely with Rocky as we pray and dream together about God’s plans for this ministry. I fully believe God wants to take the Journey to new cities all over the world and establish many new Regional Ministry Centers. I have learned much as I have watched the growth of this ministry from my vantage point in Tulsa since 2006, and I believe it is time to “take the land” for God’s Kingdom. I will be working to organize and unify our current Influencers staff and prayerfully pursue the new opportunities God is bringing us. Please join me in praying for Influencers and for His hand of guidance, provision and protection on us as we move forward. Pray for my family as well in this transition (Wife -Missy, Daughters-Natalie, Annie, Isabelle, Meredith).
Also, I ask you to join us on the Mission:
• Step up to lead Journey Groups- there are SO many men and women who are right next to you who need to be guided into Intimacy with Christ.

• Consider your friends and family in other cities who do not have The Journey. Tell them about the process, give them the Journey to the Inner Chamber book, and plant seeds. If they want to learn more about how to start Journey Groups, direct them to me at bcraig@influencers.org

• Please support Influencers financially- it will take resources to pursue all the opportunities in front of us. FIRST, please support your local Regional office. SECOND, support our Global office at www.influencers.org. We have translations to complete, new videos to produce, new cities to pursue, a new website to design, curriculum enhancements and much more. We need the support of our Influencers everywhere. Consider partnering with us as a monthly donor. Here is our philosophy on Kingdom Giving:

Influencers Development Statement
We believe God created Influencers and anointed us to Make Disciples. We believe He wants to take this Ministry and the Journey process to the ends of the earth so that His children will learn to Abide in Him and so that He can set them free to serve Him fully. We believe He will fund the needs of this ministry so that we might fulfill His calling. We believe He will move the hearts of individuals who have the ability to donate passionately and generously to this Vision. We will Abide in Him, we will pray fervently, we will follow His Spirit and we will Trust Him absolutely with the plans of this ministry. We will not limit God by our intellect, our experience or our expectations. We will share the blessings of this ministry by asking our participants to help meet the needs we encounter. We will live by Faith.

Fellow Influencers, I am here to serve you and serve God. Please let me know how I can help you as we go after Refugees and bring them into the Kingdom. I know God has some great plans and it will be a great Adventure. I also know it will be a Battle. Let’s put on our Armor each day, and let’s keep locking our Shields of Faith in prayer. See you on the Mission Field!

Bryan Craig