The Abiding Network

The vision of the Abiding Network is to “assist leaders in creating environments of discipleship to encourage followers to know Christ and make Him known.” The Abiding Network is gaining traction with many church leaders across the US and we are taking steps to expand the next portion of this ministry to minister to more pastors.

When we sit down with a church leadership to help them create environments of discipleship, we utilize the Journey as the foundational delivery system and tool to build their platform. We have seen this work over and over in the lives of leaders and church members, as well as the transformation of entire church cultures. This partnership is God given and Kingdom focused.

As we encounter church leaders who are passionate about creating a platform of discipleship that sees life transformation, we want to offer practical ways to serve them. We have many resources available on our website We also have tools that may work better for your individual context and would require more of a conversation. If you are interested in this, please email the ministry at [email protected]

A second tool we use is my book, The Abiding Church. In this book we break down the simplicity of Christ’s discipleship principles through the lens of abiding in Him. We lay out some practical, biblical principles that can help any church leader create, cultivate, and steward a platform of discipleship in the area of influence that God called them.

If you are interested in any of our published works, please go here, Abiding Network Book Page.

Thanks for allowing us to serve you in your journey to know Christ and make Him known,

Nate Sweeney
Directional Leader
The Abiding Network

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