Central Coast, CA

Influencers Central Coast was birthed when a businessman moved there from Bakersfield, CA.  He had been touched and transformed by The Journey and by learning the power of Christian community.  He desired to help men in the Central Coast of California find what he had found.  With passion, faith and prayer, he began to share the vision and the process of Influencers with men he met.  In a short amount of time, he found that they, too, were hungry too.  Now, hundreds of men are finding an intimate relationship with Christ and not only that, lots of women's groups have spawned, as well.

The Journey is NOT an intellectual Bible study program. It is a relational process that uses the Word of God as a roadmap to the ultimate treasure... Intimately and personally knowing God our Father...Learning to live out our faith in the marketplace of the real world, not separate it... Learning to lead our families as the Spiritual leaders of our homes like God designed.        Journey groups meet weekly to share their deepening personal relationship with God revealed during the week thru the Holy Spirit inspired Journey process.

Look for a transformational Journey group in a city near near you and learn how to truly abide in Christ, enabled by His Spirit. You can find out more information about Journey groups and events in the Central Coast by clicking on the Website button on the right.

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