Northwest Arkansas

Influencers NWA Fall Journey Launch

August 5, 2021 6:15pm – 8pm

Location - Fellowship Bible Church Student Center

1051 W Pleasant Grove Rd. Roger, AR 72758

It’s time to get together again!

Brothers and Sister Influencers in NWA, it’s been way too long since we gathered.  COVID has not slowed down Influencers and God’s discipleship efforts, as we had more people go through The Journey (online and live) last year than ever before.  We are primed and ready for a great season of discipleship this fall! 

Please plan to join all NWA Journey Men and Women for our 2021 Journey Launch.  We will have a meal and fellowship starting at 6:15 PM followed by a time of Worship, Testimony and a Word from our Founder, Rocky Fleming.  This is for Guides and Co Guides as well as all participants (Past, Present and Future). Also, this is the time to invite Men and Women interested in learning more about the amazing process of the Journey.  See details below for more information and Registration.  Please register so we know how many meals to plan for.  Look forward to seeing you on August 5th!



Northwest Arkansas Influencers is the home of Influencers Global Ministries. The organization began when Rocky Fleming gathered seven men together in 2001 and asked them if they wanted to go on a journey with him to discover more about God than they presently knew. At the time no one had any idea that Influencers was born. The group used handwritten notes from Rocky to take the Journey. Afterwards the men realized they had been discipled and they wanted to share this journey with other men. Influencers became a marketplace ministry of discipleship.

Today in Northwest Arkansas more than two thousand men have gone through the Journey. Our mission remains the same as in 2001, we want to disciple men. Using the Journey we guide small groups of men into the proximity of Christ. During the Journey the men discover that God knows them, He cares about them, He is able to help them and He is willing to help them. From there the men discover the revelation of John 15 and being connected to the vine. Once men understand that Jesus wants a relationship with them and they discover the power of that relationship, it is game over. At that point men begin “Living Out” their sacred responsibility of discipleship at home and at work.

We believe Influencers was birthed in Northwest Arkansas for a reason.  With Walmart, Tyson Foods and J.B. Hunt all being located here with tentacles all over the world, we see Influencers who work in these corporations taking this method and this message to the ends of the earth.


Download the Letter from Regional Director, Paul Holzmer

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Paul Holzmer

[email protected] 918-281-9709