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Health etc

Pray for God to heal my body, cover it in various types of armor, fill it with various manna, living water, His Blood, anointing oils, everything it needs. For protection from all enemy weapons formed against my body. God bless!!!

April 24, 2023


God’s will

Grant us(Jungwon, Uiseop, Hayoung, Yeyoung, Euntae, Insook) the sole advocacy of the true God against our adversaries. And enable all of our bodies to live and witness God's salvation. Please make it your own work, and let it be fulfilled according to God's will, not man's.

April 23, 2023


I'm a mature student studying Masters Degree in Forming Missional Leadership &..

God has called me to do that what he wishes for me to do in this world. I've endured life through a huge storm until God spoke to me like he does with others whom he choose to be his servants. I'm nearly 60yrs old. It have been difficult to find work at my age. I cannot afford to pay rent

April 12, 2023


For Carol Markoski, Norman, OK

See Prayer Request from Bob Markoski, Champion Norman OK

Good day my friend
2 weeks before moving to Oklahoma Carol was diagnosed with a non cancerous brain tumor. This tumor is large, about the size of a walnut and it is deep inside her brain, near the brainstem. At that time her Neuro Dr. said that this surgery would be a high risk surgery and since she is not experiencing symptoms other than occasional vertigo, he didn't see the need to take it out at that time. Carol and I both agreed that this is just the enemy trying to scare us and keep us from moving to Oklahoma to take our son on his journey. Carol had to fly back to California every 6 months to get an MRI and each time the tumor grew slightly bigger.
When God called Carol to the ladies summit and into her journey she was starting to have a few days of unstable gate and more frequent vertigo and shortly after starting our first lady's journey group she started feeling like she was on a boat that was rolling around. This feeling became constant and worse to the point where she had to step back from her journey. Carol knew it was time to get this walnut size tumor out of her brain which would require her to go back to California for at least three months because this is where our insurance is and it's all inclusive so they do not refer out. BUT GOD, did what He does and not only arranged for Carol to have her surgery here in Oklahoma but also with one of the top Neuro surgeons in the country who just happens to work at OU Medical. This doctor specializes in teaching and removing the very type of tumor that Carol has. In the words of an Influencer theologen "You Can't make this stuff up"
Carol's surgery will take place this wednesday morning at 7am so I am reaching out to you to give you an update and ask for the prayers from our Influencer family. You are all a part in our journey and we want to ask that you would join us in prayer and amazement of our Fathers provisions.

Thank you my friend

Bob Markoski


March 6, 2023


Young man - XNA

Please pray for a young man who lost his mom about 18 months ago. He is in 11th grade and growing up fast.

March 6, 2023


Prayer request for family members

Please pray for my mother Edna suffering from mental illness. Pray that the chains of oppression be released from her mind and body and that she be totally healed. Pray for restoration in every area of her life and to be delivered from addiction to alcohol and smoking. God grant her peace

February 15, 2023


For Veteran Jay Milinchik (Tulsa, OK)

From Marc Harper:


I’m asking for prayer for a brother (Jay Milinchik) in our Tulsa Journey group. It’s Jay’s first Journey group and probably his first Bible study group. He came into the Journey group believing in many faiths.  Jim has been a friend and mentor to him for many years. He found Jesus, began his journey, started hearing from God, and even prayed with his family for the first time many weeks ago. His liver is failing. Less than 10%. He’s a veteran, blown up 3 times, lives with a lot of pain and alcohol has killed his liver. He went into rehab over a month ago and his body reacted from not getting alcohol.

Our Journey group is lowering him through the roof, asking Jesus to do a miracle. Either healing his liver or a replacement miracle as he hasn’t been off alcohol long enough to qualify to be on a list.  I’m sure there are many needs among many groups, and several life and death moments. I wondered if Jay might qualify for a prayer chain, out to your leaders and if they choose out to their groups.

Thank you

February 14, 2023


Salvation and Restoration

Prayer for my dear ex husband, Jeff…I’ve been praying for his salvation and waiting on God in hope for the marriage, but I’ve not had any contact from him since Sept 2021 until yesterday when he replied to an email. Pls pray for healing, salvation, and a new marriage for us.

February 10, 2023


Margaret J Perez

Please pray for my husband and I to have our first baby together I cannot have a baby because I only have one fallopian tube open and I do not ovulate on a regular basis

January 24, 2023


Exposing Corruption

My former ministry, a global ministry, had corruption, and because of my hard work they retaliated against me, portrayed me as insane and removed me. On Nov. 15, I sent them a whistleblower letter. They are suppressing that information, and sent me a cease and desist letter to prevent all

December 7, 2022

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