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Restoration and Recovery of Marriage and Family

I have sinned against God my wife and my family. My wife has filed for divorce and I’m asking all of you if it’s God’s will that he restore and reconcile our marriage. My daughter isn’t speaking to me. I have confessed and repented to God. I know that prayer changes things Please Pray

August 17, 2021


Pray for Phil

Phil is a good friend of mine in Dallas, in ICU with COVID, needing 80% oxygen supply right now. They are discussing Ventilator. Please pray for Phil.

August 9, 2021


John Dow , Auburn, NY * No place to go or family.

I tried several years ago to start an Influencers group and was not able to find a co partner to lead it for which saddened me. Today, I have fallen on some very hard times, having lost my wife due to very challenging financial times due to Covid and I am about to lose my house.

July 23, 2021


Urgent Prayer- Marc Merk

UPDATE:  Marc is home from the hospital.  It was definitely his back nerves.  After not being able to move, in one day, he was back on his feet.  Prayers were at work, for sure.  Marc does feel like this was a spiritual attack.  Thanks for praying!


Shields of Faith UP for Marc Merk, one of our leaders in Memphis who just moved there from Central Coast and was already active in racial reconciliation through The Journey.  He is on the enemy's target list. 

Marc was admitted into Desoto Baptist Hospital. He’s in horrible pain in his back and can’t move hardly..Not sure at this point if it’s his kidneys or nerves in his back. The ambulance brought him in.

June 4, 2021


Leila, my ex-wife, is unhappy in her skin. Please pray for Holy Spirit fruits

She has been cheated on, lied to and feels blame, guilt and shame even though she is blameless and innocent. Pray she sees the life God gave her as a blessing meant for Joy and happiness because she knows Jesus and will see heaven someday.! Amen and Thank you.

May 24, 2021



Almighty said he can choose the folish thing of the World to confound the wise and weak to confound those that are Mighty 1 cor1:27. So I want God to Chose, anoint me for Greater Assignments with power of Holy Spirit above every others applicants Heb 1:9

May 14, 2021



Please join me in my prayers for my wife Dolores to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for a complete healing of her uterine cancer......Amen

May 14, 2021


Please pray that the Fire of God reigns within me and my family

May 13, 2021


Comfort and renewed spirit

My daughter Susie took bunch of pills and now I am trying to get her back to feeling better and need wisdom to understand how to help her grow into a relationship with Christ and be a good person.

May 12, 2021


The Ram in the Bush

Need wisdom to solely focus on either growing a consulting business or seek employment. I have been out of work for 18 months and trusting for the Lord to provide the ram in the bush.

May 12, 2021

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