Extended, Saturation Prayer

August 26, 2021

Last week, Rocky sent our staff the communication below, feeling a need for us to fervently seek the Lord during this time of crisis in the world, and as, perhaps, a pre-cursor to what the Lord wants to do at our Summit next month.  This is an example of “Saturation Prayer” which Rocky talks about in Compelled by Grace, where a bombardment of prayer can soften the ground for the Lord to do a great work!

So, we are planning an extended time of Prayer next Monday, 8:00-11:00 AM CT.  We will do this on our own, finding our own place of sanctuary.  Then, we will gather via Zoom at 11:30 AM CT to hear what the Lord said to us.

Here is the Zoom Link:

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From Rocky:


“But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty.” 2 Timothy 3:1

These words written by Paul were prophetic.  By inspiration from Christ he penned these words and the ones that follow.  I ask you to read the examples that describe the “last days” in the rest of the chapter and then compare them to what is happening around the earth.  You will likely conclude, as I that we are there.

The thought of this makes me urgent to be led by the Spirit and to know His power and wisdom more than ever.  If we are indeed in that period prophesied thousands of years ago, I don’t want to be like the brides who were not prepared for the bridegroom, or the religious leaders who could not see their Messiah standing before them when He came.

Men we need to seek everyday God’s wisdom and power through our abiding in Him more deeply than the day before.  We cannot just stay put and not be proactive, nor should we be proactive without His leadership and power and deceive ourselves thinking that we are getting it done.  There is a power and enabling that I feel has yet to be received and we need it.  With this in mind I’d like to propose something.  Here goes:

We are all busy but let’s not be too busy to have a special audience with our King.  We are all spread out across this country so what we do together will be remote.  I ask that we all take three hours away from our work for a special time and make an appointment with Jesus and each other for prayer.  I suggest that we use those three hours done at the same time to get alone with God and seek His wisdom and power.  Go to your favorite place for this and linger with Him.  Record it in our journals as we pray for His power and protection and wisdom.  Stay longer if you like but please let’s do the three hours at the same time at the very least.  Let’s leave our phones off and other distractions to make this time a tight focus on our Lord.  Then, let’s meet by zoom and discuss our time and share things that God spoke to us about.  Men if we are in the “last days,” then I feel that we will play a big part in it, and we need all the power and protection that God wants for us. 

What do you think about my proposal men?  Is there anything more important than this for a ministry and it’s leaders that God has raised up for a time such as this?