Influencer From Cameroon Starts Christian School

June 16, 2022

We love to tell “Live it Out” stories where men and women who are Abiding in Christ begin to be used by the Spirit in impactful ways in their families, their companies, their communities and their home countries.  Eric Neuyou, a native of Cameroon, Africa, came to the United States with a coveted college scholarship.  This led him to work at Walmart, where he met Tom Seay, who invited him on The Journey.  This impacted his faith life and his perspective on success.  Now, Eric has started a non-profit, “Flourishing Seeds”, with a goal of starting a Christian school in his home country.  He wants to make disciples of young minds in Africa, showing them they can serve Christ and make a difference right there in their home country.  For more information on Eric’s non-profit, go to