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Influencers Español

December 14, 2023

In approximately 2008, The Journey materials were translated into Spanish.  There were plans to bring The Journey to a church in Peru.  However, when those plans did not work out, boxes of Spanish Journey to the Inner Chamber Prayer Cottage books sat on the Influencers shelves awaiting their appointed time.  When Ron Froehlich from Bakersfield helped us make the connection to Henry Gutierrez in Costa Rica, the Spanish Journey was finally launched, and in a big way.  Many plans are now underway to reach Spanish-speaking Journey participants all over the world.
- The entire curriculum has been re-translated professionally into a universal Spanish that will cross dialects and regions to be applicable anywhere in the world.- We are translating our Reading Plans on the Bible App into Spanish to help a new audience of Spanish-speaking seekers.- We have a new Spanish page on our website to help connect people from the Spanish Reading plans into Journey groups.


We are getting Journey to the Inner Chamber into Spanish audiobook.- We hope to create more videos in Spanish and/or Spanish subtitles.- We will be hosting several Spanish-speaking Journey brothers at our International Summit next April.