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Influencers - Rwanda

December 16, 2022

Influencers - Rwanda

Last year, four men from Rwanda completed a Virtual Journey Group led by some of our leaders from here in America.  These men now have vision to take The Journey to their people.  These men are highly educated and speak English and are first, sharing it with business colleagues and others who speak English.  However, they want to take the Journey to their country, including many of the poorer, less educated areas.  In order to do this, they need The Journey in the country’s tribal language of Kinyarwandan. 

So, Influencers is investing resources from our International Discipleship Fund to make this happen.  We are partnering with the translation company used by the Bible App people, so we are expecting a high quality translation.  Lord willing, we believe this is only the beginning of many more translation projects to come as God invites us to make disciples of ALL nations.

This is SO exciting! It is truly amazing to think this ministry started with one Journey group of 7 men in Northwest Arkansas.  More evidence that if we abide in Him, He will bear great fruit!  Pray with us about this.  And if you would like to support our work financially, we currently have $50K in matching funds until the end of this month.