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Invitation to Soul Health by Bryan Craig

September 8, 2022

Fellow Influencers Leaders (Staff members, Board members, Journey Guides):

How’s your soul?  This is a question our founder, Rocky Fleming, asks leaders all the time.  After all, the message of our ministry is that we Abide…so that God can bear fruit through us.  As leaders, it is easy to get busy trying to bear fruit on our own and forsake the abiding part.  We also know that leaders who are making an impact for God’s Kingdom are Enemy #1 to the Devil and his plans.  And some of you may be going through a “Dark Night of the Soul”, and you may be questioning your leadership, your walk with Christ, your purpose. 

All of these truths are the motivation behind our Global Board inviting YOU to come away for a few days to our Influencers Leadership Summit.  We want to serve you, bless you, inspire you, worship with you, challenge you and create an environment where the Holy Spirit can speak deeply to you.  God is doing amazing things through this ministry, and we feel like we’ve only begun to see the impact He wants to make on this world.  You are BIG part of this!  We need you….God needs you…and you need to be soul-healthy.

So, please pray about joining us October 27-30th at Camp Heart of the Hills, an hour outside of Tulsa, OK.  This is going to be a sacred time.  The Board got away to pray about where God wanted to take this year’s Summit, and the Spirit inspired us to make this Summit all about JESUS.  He is the Vine, He is our Lord, He is the leader of this ministry, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Please let me know if you have any questions and if finances are keeping you from coming, let me know that as well, and we might be able to help.


Looking forward to seeing all of you.

Abiding in Christ,

Bryan Craig