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August 23, 2023


August 23,2023


Because The Journey is a 9-month process, it fits well into the typical school calendar and MANY groups start this time of year.  See the Journey opportunities below:


Journey Guides

If you are going to guide a Journey group this fall, would you let us know?  We are especially looking for those groups with Virtual options to plug in the growing number of new people who are finding our ministry and want to join a group.  Please register at the Link below so we know you are out there.

 Journey Guide Registration (

 Also, there are Guide Mentoring groups starting right now… LEARN MORE (


Join a Journey Group

If you want to join a Journey group, please Register at the link below, and we will help you get plugged into a group.

 Journey Group Registration (


Join a Virtual TEXAS Group

 Our Regional Director for Influencers DFW will be leading a Virtual Group this fall on Thursday evenings 7:00-9:00 PM and he would love to have men from the DFW area or even in other parts of Texas.  For more information, contact Michael at [email protected] or Register below.

 Texas Virtual Journey Group (