Join the CommUNITY!

January 12, 2022

As the Lord continues to bless and expand Influencers' reach- forming Journey groups in new regions, states, countries and even languages- we can see Him moving to unite the Family of God through this ministry.   As we partner with the Holy Spirit to see that happen, the Global Office has created a platform for dynamic interaction among Influencers from across the globe.  

Several months ago we began piloting two Influencers workspace communities (one for Women and one for Men) through a tool called "SLACK."  With an application for your phone, computer and a web-based interface, Slack has enabled 50 women and 35 men from across the world to begin sharing life with each other in real-time. 

There are "channels" on each workspace for inspiration, worship, prayer requests, leader resources and journey opportunities.  Slack enables each user to customize times and types of notifications to stay engaged without being overwhelming or burdensome.  

We are excited to see how the Lord uses this platform to facilitate deeper connections and greater unity among our Influencers brothers and sisters throughout the year ahead. 

We encourage you to join us by clicking on the Women's or Men's workspace invite links below.  We'd also love to hear your feedback!  Email thoughts or questions about Slack to Jaime Lind.