Journey Movie Update by Bryan Craig

April 19, 2023

Since the publication of Journey to the Inner Chamber years ago, people have fallen in love with the character of Gabe in Rocky’s books and have been captivated by the Kingdom vision portrayed in Part One of the story.  Many people have contacted us through the years about making this story into a movie.  We have considered this a few times, and each time, we felt like it was not our mission nor our lane.  And it was tabled as a “good idea” but not a “God idea.”

Late last year, this concept arose again, and for some reason, this time it seemed more viable and Spirit-led.  We asked the Board and you to pray about this for a month.  After a month of prayer and some conceptual meetings, the flame only burned hotter for this idea.  We have not felt this door closing, as in the past.  So, I wanted to bring you an update.

We are moving ahead with creative development and organizational structure to produce a movie based on Journey to the Inner Chamber and Compelled by Grace.  We have formed an Advisory Team to begin the initial stages of creating the story we would want to tell and to figure out how we might finance this.  Our initial thinking is that we would create a separate LLC that would reside outside of Influencers Global Ministries.  This LLC, which we would potentially call Journey Productions, would be a “for profit” company which would seek investors to fund the movie production and which would serve as Executive Producer for this project.

We feel one of the most important parts of this project is to craft a story that truly captures, not only the key characters in Rocky’s book, but also one that portrays the heart of this ministry.  Much time, prayer and thought is going into the story development piece of this.  In this world, which seems to be getting darker and darker each day, we want this movie to be a beacon of light and hope that will connect with all audiences, not just Christians.  Our greatest desire is that this movie would compel moviegoers to seek out our ministry to learn how to have a closer walk with Christ.

If the Lord blesses this endeavor, we already see the potential need for thousands of Journey guides to be equipped and ready to lead a whole new generation of Journey participants.  The preparation for this starts NOW!  Please start praying now for YOUR part in this.

Financially speaking, we estimate this movie could require 5-10 million dollars to produce.  For comparison, the recent movie The Jesus Revolution, cost $15 Million to make.  The current thinking from the advisory team is that we would offer investors a financial model which would provide a generous return on their investment.  If God raises up key investors from our Influencers community to help us produce this film, we hope they will be blessed financially, but we know they will be blessed by being part of this special outreach opportunity.

As with all things Influencers, we are holding everything loosely and committing it to prayer, discerning the Spirit’s leading every step of the way.  Please pray for us during this important foundational formation period.  Please pray for:

  • The right organizational and funding model for this project.
  • For God to touch people who have the heart and ability to fund the project.
  • The right team members in the right roles in Journey Productions.
  • The right Production partner (likely another Christian movie production company with a strong track record.)
  • The right actors (a Christian A-list actor can go a long way in funding and promoting the movie.)
  • The right Distribution partner (again, we are looking for like-minded Spirit-led partners.)
  • For God to open and close doors and that we would clearly see His path.

If you are interested to know more about this project, please contact me at [email protected].  Thank you for your prayers and your consideration!