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Journey Movie Update

March 15, 2024


 As I was watching the Academy Awards, a tradition I’ve had since I was a kid, it struck me as so surreal that Influencers is entering into that arena. It was a sobering thought, not that we hope our movie will garner an Oscar, but that our desire to make a movie is bringing Christ into the Hollywood culture. I was heavily influenced years ago, when I got exposed to a ministry called “Mastermedia.” They were a ministry of Campus Crusade, launched by the inspiration of Larry Poland. Larry saw the dichotomy between the content that Hollywood was producing and Christian values. For most, Christians seemed to just accept the secular media into their lives, ignoring the moral dilemma. Others took a more vocal approach of protesting and condemnation. Larry had a Spirit-inspired thought, “Why don’t we pray for the power brokers in Hollywood?”

They made a list of the top “influencers” in Hollywood and engaged an army of intercessors to start praying for them by name. Then, they would let these individuals know that they were praying for them. That led to appointments between Larry Poland and some of the key executives in Hollywood. God opened many doors to these executive offices and many doors to hearts of unbelievers. Just as Mastermedia became a Light in the darkness, let’s pray that Influencers can do the same in this very secular world of multimedia.

An Update on The Journey Movie
Our screenwriter, Brian Bird, has completed the “treatment” of the story, which is a scene by scene blueprint of the entire movie. This was a product of much collaboration with Rocky and our team and Brian’s skillful crafting. The next step is for Brian to write the first full draft of the screenplay. Once this is completed, we will have a much better idea of the budget required to shoot the film, and we will be ready to present our script to Directors, Actors and Production Companies. But we are praying now for all of these people and partners to be divinely-inspired.

We are still asking our Influencers community to pray about making a donation to Influencers Global Ministries for this Journey Productions project. We believe, like in all Influencers initiatives, there are faithful believers who have a passion for what we are doing and the means to help. This is how the mission of Influencers has always been funded, and that’s how this movie will be funded. If this is YOU, please join us.


Also, our Journey Productions team each submitted a list of Prayer Requests for the Movie. To download these and pray with us,


For all other Movie information, including a Pitch Deck, Videos and artwork, go to our MOVIE PAGE