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December 7, 2020

12/5/20 From Dowd Walker, Frisco, TX: One of our 9-month journey guides here in Frisco Tx, Dick Casper, has COVID/pneumonia and is in the hospital.  He was admitted Thursday night.  He is in his mid-80s and was in ok health pre-COVID. Dick received the same medical cocktail treatment that they gave President Trump and that seems to be helping, as of Sat morning. Please pray for Dick’s continuing recovery and the effectiveness of his witness in the COVID wing of the hospital, especially among the nurses. His heart has been deeply moved by the severe weariness he sees among the hospital front-line staff. He is sharing the gospel and believes he is there to be the light of Christ, which of course he is.  He has a heart to “live it out” (and is) and is reaching back. More about Dick and recent events, if you want more details: Dick is a long-time men’s ministry leader who has discipled hundreds of men during his walk with Christ, but upon completing the journey in May 2019, he is now abiding and serving in God’s strength and no longer in his own power.  He is very grateful for the Journey and is a powerful advocate for it and Christ.  He is on fire