October 1, 2021

We are pleased to give you the final numbers from our $30K Challenge. We raised $43,000, so the $30,000 was matched, which means $73,000 was infused into Influencers for the purpose of making disciples. As an example, 10% of this ($7300) will go into an Expansion Fund we created which is being set aside for new Branches of the ministry. THANK YOU to all of you who stepped up to answer this challenge and who believe in our mission and vision. May God refresh you and bless you for your generosity.


Influencers Development Statement


We believe God created Influencers and anointed us to Make Disciples. We believe He wants to take this Ministry and the Journey process to the ends of the earth so that His children will learn to Abide in Him and so that He can set them free to serve Him fully. We believe He will fund the needs of this ministry so that we might fulfill His calling. We believe He will move the hearts of individuals who have the ability to donate passionately and generously to this Vision. We will Abide in Him, we will pray fervently, we will follow His Spirit and we will Trust Him absolutely with the plans of this ministry. We will not limit God by our intellect, our experience or our expectations. We will share the blessings of this ministry by asking our participants to help meet the needs we encounter. We will live by Faith.