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Urgent Prayer Request from Rocky

February 7, 2018

Urgent prayer needed for Rocky Fleming's granddaughter, Sallie Jewell Posey of McKinney, TX. It was revealed today that a mass was found in the back of her brain. She is now at a children's hospital in Dallas. Rocky is asking for Influencers everywhere to lock shields in prayer for Sallie Jewell. UPDATE AS OF 8:46 PM ON 2/8
After a 9-hour surgery, Sallie Jewell made it of surgery safely, and the doctors were able to get 85-95% of the tumor on her brain.  They had to leave some of it because it was too close to the brain stem.  The doctors also strongly feel like the tumor was benign, but this will be confirmed within 5 days from pathology tests.  They believe she was not harmed from the surgery in any way and will be back to her old self soon.  As a little kiss from God, as Sallie Jewell was coming out of sedation, she started singing "Jesus Loves Me."
Amazing!  Rocky and the whole family are celebrating the outcome of today's events.
Thank you so much for your prayers!
UPDATE AS OF 12:30 PM ON 2/10:
From Joanna, Rocky's daughter and Sallie Jewell's Mom:
We just talked to the surgeon and he showed us pictures of the MRI that we had today to see the state of Sallie-Jewel’s brain and to see how much tumor is left. He removed 90-95% of the tumor which he feels really good about. He says if it’s the type of benign tumor that he thinks it is she would not need further treatment. We won’t know the type of tumor it is until We get the pathology report on Thursday but he kept reassuring us, this looks really really good. Praise the Lord! We feel so good and relieved about this news! Continue to pray for the comfort of Sallie-Jewel. She is still in a lot of pain and her tongue is still so swollen from surgery, it’s driving her crazy. She is making good steps though. When telling her brother good bye tonight she gave him little wave and tried to blow her grandfather a kiss. She is still heavily medicated, but the Dr. Told us she will be the Sallie-Jewel we know. Such a blessed day. We feel like a huge weight had been lifted off today with such wonderful news. Thank you for your constant  prayers and concern for our little girl. UPDATE AS OF 2/14: Guys although Sallie Jewell has had excellent reports she is still throwing up.  This may as little as a result of the medication which will clear out.  But it could also be as a result of fluid on the brain.  Also her pathology report comes out tomorrow to verify that her tumor was benign.  Please keep praying for we are not out of the woods yet.  She is remaining in the hospital another day for observation.  Sallie and I will remain in McKinney as long as needed.   Thanks brothers. UPDATE AS OF 2/15:
I just arrived at the hospital.  The physicians had just left her room after telling Joanna and Michael that Sallie Jewel's tumor was the most benign she could have.  We are doing back flips of joy for it requires no further treatment other than getting her strength back.
She will be released today to go home and begin a process of limited therapy.  Getting them out of the hospital and with this good news to return home with will continue the healing for them all.
I will write a blog on the saga, for it has been an amazing journey, and the prayers and encouraging notes we have received have undergirded us.  We are tired but full of joy.  Praise God and His presence through it all.  You will hear more from me on this.
Love you all,