We Need Your Prayers and We Need Your Testimonies

October 23, 2023

We Need Your Prayers and We Need Your Testimonies

As darkness increases in this world, Influencers continues its mission to guide individuals into an intimate, abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. We continue to see so many people looking for answers and needing guidance in these times, and we praise God that He has allowed us to help them. Influencers is finding itself under attack, just like the early Christians, and we see the New Testament warnings about persecution coming true.

Would you stand with us against schemes of the devil and join us in a Saturation Prayer over this ministry?

Would you also bear witness to the work of the Lord through Influencers by sending us a testimonial?

Please send to Melinda Pluenneke at [email protected] or post one on our Facebook page

How has going through a Journey group positively helped your faith in Jesus Christ, your understanding of God’s Word, your prayer life, your marriage, your family, finding your purpose in God’s Kingdom?

How has being a part of Influencers helped you play a bigger part in your church’s mission and ministry?