Dave from Las Vegas

June 2, 2021

Dave was living the high life in Las Vegas.  He was in the insurance business, making lots of money, with a big house and new cars whenever he wanted them.  Despite his outward look of success, Dave was running fast to escape his past, not really sure who he was or who he wanted to be.

His Dad, an alcoholic and womanizer, left the family when Dave was only 14, and it left a deep scar.  Dave drifted toward the wrong crowds and ended up in a life of alcohol, drugs and havoc.  He suffered physical and mental abuse in a difficult marriage.  Finally, he found the 12-Step program, which helped him sober up and see hope for the first time in a long while.  He got remarried and found himself in Las Vegas.

Then, 9-11 happened and almost as quick as the twin towers of New York collapsed, Dave’s life came tumbling down.  He lost his business, his home and his second wife.  Dazed and confused, Dave felt a prompting to leave Las Vegas, but he had no idea where he would go.  He mustered up a prayer of desperation.  Then, he got a call from a friend in Oklahoma who asked Dave to come and start a new life.  He took this as a sign from God, and so, he loaded up everything he had left into his Yukon, along with his last $200, and moved to a faraway land.

He stayed with his friend for a while as he looked for work, but it wasn’t long before the friendship became strained, and Dave was asked to move out.  Now, this man, who had once felt like King of the World was hungry, broke and homeless.  Thankfully, this only lasted a few days before God got him a job at Wal-Mart.  Then, God gave him favor with an apartment manager who leased him an apartment with no deposit and no collateral.  God was helping him.  Then, his truck broke down.  So, he was forced to ride his bike to his new job at Wal-Mart.  It was a cold, rainy winter day and Dave was pedaling hard to get up a steep hill on his way to work.  He could not believe how his life had turned out.  He was crying and feeling defeated.  He wanted to turn around and go back down the hill, but he prayed, “Lord, just get me up this hill.”  All of the sudden, he felt a force on his back pushing him and pushing him until he reached the top of the hill.  He got off his bike, fell to his knees and praised God.  This was a turning point in his relationship with God.

Not long after that, God guided Dave to contact a former business associate, Tom, who lived in the area.  Tom just happened to be a Journey guy who was hosting a group at his home.  Dave contacted Tom for a job, but Tom was going through his own financial storm and could not offer him a job.  Tom found some yard work for Dave to do in exchange for a meal.  However, Tom had an ulterior motive…he invited Dave on The Journey.

Dave never thought he could be close to a group of men, but this Journey Group truly became a band of brothers for Dave.  They loved him and supported him in his hour of need.  He was able to see God’s hand on his life and how God was saving him.  When they did their commencement and Tom was giving the men an Influencer Name, Dave was given the name “Rescue.”  God had rescued Dave.

He decided to go through a Journey Group again, because he was just taking it all in during his first group.  The second time, he poured everything he had into it, and he truly grew intimate with the Father.  He was tempted to go through a 3rd Journey Group as a participant, but he heard the Lord say, “It’s time to lead.”  He was scared and felt unqualified, as he told God, “I can’t be responsible for these men.”  He heard God lovingly say, “You don’t have to be responsible for them.  I will be responsible for them.”

Dave is still rebuilding his life, but now he knows this his life is in God’s hands.  He feels the Lord directing him toward more ministry to men, and he is seeking God’s direction.  He continues to see God giving him the desires of his heart and restoring all the things in his life which were broken.  He is amazed and humbled at his journey, and he wants to tell everyone about his God.  He knows he can never repay God for all he has done, but he plans to spend the rest of his life trying.