Jim Moss

June 2, 2021

Jim was a Pastor and a Church Planter.  He had never really been part of a men’s group, and he was intrigued about The Journey.  So, he decided to join a group of men, none which were from his own church.  He was so blessed by The Journey.  The times of extended time in The Word and journaling were building an intimacy with the Lord that he had never experienced.  He also enjoyed being one of the guys on the journey of life rather than assuming the pastor role where he felt pressure to have all the answers.  Two-thirds of the way through the process, he walked into his Journey meeting with a look on his face that couldn’t be ignored.

“Jim, is everything okay,” his Guide inquired, for it was obvious that something was going on.  Jim fought through his emotions as he told his Journey brothers about the biggest betrayal he had ever experienced.  He had just discovered that his wife was having an affair.  It all seemed too impossible to be true.  They were part of the ministry team at their new church plant.  They had a great marriage.  Jim felt like everything in life was going so well.  His wife had reconnected with an old boyfriend from her home town and everything went downhill from there.  Now, she wanted a divorce.  Suddenly, Jim felt like his life was falling apart.

Jim leaned on his loving Daddy, Abba Father and that is all he could do.  God have him a grace and a power that he never knew possible.  He was willing to forgive his wife and reconcile with her.  He was able to love her in the midst of his own pain and anguish.  However, his wife was unwilling to let God’s healing power into their marriage.  She chose to leave Jim. 

His Journey group and his church came around Jim.  They prayed for him, cried with him and encouraged him.  He appreciated the support, though it could not provide much comfort to his wounded soul.  He leaned on what The Journey had emphasized.  He pressed into the Father’s loving arms.  At one point, he left town and had his own Prayer Retreat for a few days in Colorado.  This was really a turning point for him.  This was when he truly surrendered his pain and this betrayal to the Lord.  It was during this time that he began to realize that Jesus, Who was tempted in every way we are, understood the pain of betrayal. 

Life moved on, and Jim walked in a peace that transcended understanding.  He poured himself into serving, and he continued on with his Journey group.  He enjoyed the richness of the relationships God had given him.  He was close to the Lord.  He went on to lead a Journey Group.  He believed in the importance of men finding that intimate relationship with Christ.  He worked in the community, helping the cause of orphans.  Jim had grown up in a dysfunctional family, and he was rescued by a loving Christian family.  He wanted to help kids who, like him, needed rescue.

God looked down upon his loving son, Jim, and said, “It’s not good for Jim to be alone.”  When Jim least expected it, God opened his heart to the love of a woman again.  A beautiful, young woman who attended their church caught Jim’s attention in a new way.  They went on a date, and before he knew it, Jim was in love.  Jim and Tabi were married about a year ago, and they are enjoying a wonderful marriage.  Tabi went through The Journey with a group of women and is now co-guiding a group.  Jim is Co-Guiding his third Journey group.  He says he doesn’t know what would have happened if he had not been in The Journey during the biggest trial of his life.  In every Journey group, men face trials of many kinds.  We’ve often wondered whether the trials were the result of Satan’s attacks on men who were seeking to grow in Christ in The Journey or whether God knew men were going to go through a trial so He encouraged them to join The Journey to help them through it.

Either way, we are thankful that God gave us The Journey, for guys just like Jim and many more to come.