Many people urged Rocky to write his story, about his upbringing, his illustrious sports career and how God formed Influencers. At first Rocky resisted, not wanting any spotlight on himself. Then, God told him that he was thinking about this all wrong. This was not Rocky’s story, but God’s story through Rocky. You’ll enjoy… Read More

Did you know we now have Podcasts?  We’ve been spreading our message of proximity with Christ and The Journey and Discipleship via the “written word” with devotionals and blogs, but we also wanted to give you an opportunity to hear the “spoken word” as you share in insightful conversations which will help you on your… Read More

For all you Influencers who have completed Journey 1.0, we have some exciting news! In 2019, we are rolling out Journey 2.0, and you will be amazed at the opportunity to go deeper with Christ than ever before. Listen to our podcast to learn more.  LISTEN NOW… Read More

Rocky talks about Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 6:1-10 and how we, too, have a sacred responsibility to keep any obstacles from getting in the way of God’s ministry. This is a good admonition for all you Guides and Leaders out there who are on the front lines. Listen to our message, “No Obstacles”. LISTEN NOW… Read More

The spiritual life is a battle, especially for those who are attempting to make disciples, and the man or woman of God must be prepared and armed and ready for attack. Let us help you understand the spiritual armor available to us.   READ NOW… Read More

      THANK YOU to all of you who answered the call and made an investment in making disciples all over this country and beyond.  We are pleased to report that $59,161 in donations was raised.  We praise God for continuing to meet the needs of this ministry.… Read More

“You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.”  (2ndTimothy 2:2 ESV)   Throughout the history of the Church which began over two thousand years ago, the Gospel has been passed down… Read More

Nine years ago, a young pastor, Nate Sweeney, went through The Journey process, and not only did this process help him immensely on a personal level, he caught a vision for his entire church.  What if every single person in his church had an intimate, abiding relationship with Christ and lived out their life as… Read More

One of our key messages in The Journey is that a Disciple of Christ “lives it out” in his family, in his church and in his community.  The Influencers in Bakersfield, CA get this in a big way, as they rally their army of Godly men to help the people in their community on a… Read More